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About Me

Why SolutioNow?

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20+ Years of Experience

Fast Service

competitive rates

"There are a lot of CFO's and financial planners out there, but I love that SolutioNow works on actually building diversity and inclusion. They are an expert in listening to client needs and developing a customized financial plan according to their personal or business needs."

"I was coached on the advantages and disadvantages of different investment strategies and provided golden nuggets of information on turning normal depreciating assets into income-producing assets."

"SolutioNow dedication to making the world of finances accessible to people of all types of income levels definitely shows in her work ethic. If you are looking for a financial planner or CFO that's looking to inspire change in the world, I highly recommend SolutioNow."


Helping others build generational wealth through increasing financial inclusion & literacy

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Why use a Fractional CFO?

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Accelerate your business



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What to look for in a CFO?

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Experience as a CFO before

Experience or familiar with you industry 

work style

Schedule a consultation to find your ideal CFO

White-Labeling CFO Services

Our white-label services gives you the ability to expand your team and provide a full service
practice to your clients.

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